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Barça Academy aims to teach football to athletes aged 5-12, with the philosophy and values of FC Barcelona, with the football schools it has successfully implemented all over the world.

FC Barcelona, which has brought many world-famous names to the top of the football scene for over 40 years, represents ‘More than a Football School’ with its ‘Barça Academy’.

The most basic feature that makes FC Barcelona different is the football players it has trained from the infrastructure and bringing the football skills of these players to the highest level. Messi, Xavi, Puyol, Busquests, Iniesta, Pique, Fabregas, Pedro, … etc are just a few of them…

Once upon a time, they too learned football in this excellent way that you could also be involved in!


Albert Medall Mundet

Born in Barcelona in 1982, Albert graduated from Vic University, Department of Physical and Health Sciences.

Having successfully completed the FC Barcelona Coaching Course, Albert also has a UEFA Pro license.

After 8 years of coaching in the C.E.LLerona team, U.E. Mollet, R.C.D. He worked as a coach in Espanyol and C.E.Sabadell teams, then joined Barça Academy. He coached Barça Academy and camps in the Netherlands, Estonia, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey and Hungary. Prior to joining the Barça Academy Istanbul family, he served as the Project Director of the Barça Academy Dubai (UAE) Football School.


Àlex Español Guiu

Born in L’Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona) in 1994, Àlex got graduated in Vic University, on Sports Sciences. Also, he has successfully completed the FC Barcelona coaching course, and got his UEFA B license.

He’s been coaching more than 10 years in CF Ametlla, finishing as a technical director of the club. Apart from this, he coached CE Llerona an EC Granollers.

His relation with FCB started in the Barça Academy Barcelona, where he was coaching for five years, making camps in America, Europe, Africa an Asia.

His relation with football is not only on the bench, because he was playing in Barcelona arriving to semiprofessional catalan categories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get information about Barça Academy Istanbul?

Barça Academy Istanbul is a football school that aims to teach football to students aged 5-12 with the philosophy and values of the Barcelona Football Club.
Barça Academy provides training to more than 6000 athletes in 23 different countries. Barça Academy Istanbul Football School was established with the permission and approval of the Turkish Football Federation as a result of the interest in the Barça Academy Istanbul Football Camps held throughout Turkey in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The trainings take place under the management of two Catalan directors affiliated with the Barcelona Football Club and with Turkish coaches who are experts in their fields.

Is Barça Academy İstanbul an official football school of FC Barcelona?

Yes, Barça Academy İstanbul trains players under the supervision of Barça Academy Football Schools, a part of FC Barcelona.

How long is the education period of Barça Academy Istanbul?

Education at Barça Academy Istanbul continues in parallel with formal education.
The First Term takes place in September – January, and the Second Term takes place in February-June.

Where are Barça Academy İstanbul Football Schools?

  • Maslak (İTÜ)
  • Anadolu Hisarı
  • Maltepe (Gülsuyu)

Is your school a boarding school?

No, we are not a boarding school.

How do players reach to the facilities?

Students reach our schools by their own means.

What kind of security precautions do you have?

Our school, which provides education with the permission and approval of the Turkish Football Federation, is located on the university campus, taking into account the safety criteria.
In addition to the existing security team, our campus supervisors and staff accompany our children during the training.

Where are the coaches from?

Trainings are led by the Catalan Project Director and Turkish football coaches.

Do the coaches have certificates?

Yes, our Catalan Project Dİrector and local coaches have football coachnig certificates.

How my kid will be able to communicate with his coach?

Just like in Professional clubs, our players communicate with out Project Director via an interpreter, or they can speak in local language with our local coaches.

What is the school capacity?

The trainings are carried out in teams of maximum 12 and each team is accompanied by 1 trainer and 1 assistant trainer.

What should I do for registration?

In order to attend Barça Academy Istanbul Football School, first of all, it is necessary to attend the trial trainings held every Saturday.
To participate in the trial training, it will be sufficient to fill out the registration form on the main page: http://kayit.barcaacademyistanbul.com/
After filling out the Registration Form, our call center will call you and inform you about training hours and other details.
For more detailed information, you can contact our officials at 0532-5970211.

Are sibling discounts and similar discounts applied?

There are corporate discounts in line with the sibling discount and various collaborations.

Are female athletes also accepted to Barça Academy Istanbul?

Girl athletes are accepted to our academy with full scholarship.

Are there any other football schools of FC Barcelona?

No. Barça Academy Istanbul is directly affiliated with FC Barcelona and currently operates in three campuses in Istanbul.